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Adult Counselling

Adult Counselling

Clients often come to counselling to seek support with a current crisis that is causing them anguish and distress.  The therapist offers a safe, respectful, non-judgemental space to allow the client to express the sometimes overwhelming emotions they may be experiencing.


Presenting Issues

Some of the issues brought by my clients include Relationship issues, Depression, Anxiety, Bereavement, Illness, Childhood and Sexuality issues, Trauma, and Career and general life and personal growth challenges. I see both adult and adolescent clients.

What’s Involved?

Each session lasts one hour and the number of sessions involved varies depending on the client’s needs. Some clients come for short-term support and others over a long time. I encourage an introductory session where we can look at what brings you and determine how I can help you.

Therapy Approaches:


Psychotherapy is a therapeutic conversation that leans more towards the exploration of a client’s unconscious processes and defences and their origins in early life. Counselling frequently becomes psychotherapy.


Relationship Mentoring

Relationship mentoring is specific co-creational psychotherapy that evaluates what happens within and between people in different family, school and work settings and devises appropriate relationship interventions where conflict exists. Individuals often attend alone and effectively to work on a couples relationship issue.


Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma therapy is about understanding the impact of all kinds of trauma on your health and happiness. In this relational and body-focused approach, you will rediscover safety from inside and out. Your system will settle. Then you can and will begin to heal. I treat Medical trauma, Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Developmental Trauma.


In these interrelated therapies, I offer the relational safety and support that will help a client come out of hiding, come into greater self-awareness, take responsibility for what is, and work towards the change they want.