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Therapies Used in my practice

There are so many therapies and approaches in the field at the moment. Here are some of the approaches I adapt in my counselling. I will find the right approach for you from the start.



I’m a Humanistic Integrative counsellor first. Following this positive way of working, I believe that our therapeutic relationship, on a human and professional level, will enable you to make the life-altering changes you want. My intention is to develop our therapeutic relationship, to be led by you, and to help you grow your own immense healing capacity and awareness. Humanistic theory, Gestalt and Person-Centred mainly, with a strong influence of psychodynamic concepts, coalesce in my base counselling approach.


Parent & Relationship Mentoring

This detailed and well-thought-out therapeutic approach, developed by DR Tony Humphries, offers rich practical resources for working with relationship challenges across the lifespan. It places a huge emphasis on the care of self and on opening to love regardless of the relationship you are in. It comes with lots of tips and skills and an invitation to change, thereby creating a calmer and happier home.


Somatic Experiencing® (SE)

A short-term approach to resolution and healing from trauma developed by Peter Levine, PhD. It is based on the observation that animals in the wild, while routinely threatened, are rarely traumatized because they utilize innate mechanisms to regulate and discharge the high levels of arousal associated with defensive survival behaviours.

Although humans are born with virtually the same regulatory mechanisms, their functioning of them is often overridden or inhibited by the rational parts of our brain, fear, immobility and social isolation.

SE employs the awareness of body sensation to help people ‘renegotiate’ and end their trauma experiences rather than relive them. With appropriate guidance into the ‘felt sense’, clients access their own defensive mechanisms to safely and gradually discharge the built-up and frozen energy of the shock or trauma state.


Transforming Touch

An attachment-focused, neuro-physiological therapy utilizing hands-on healing for Developmental Trauma.  Transforming Touch crosses the barrier of non-verbal memory and recognizes that through regulation, the client can begin to change their story about their non-verbal, early trauma and gain greater capacity and ease in their daily way of being.


Play Therapy

An expressive therapy that uses play to diagnose and treat psychological problems, especially in children.

Play therapy is often used as a tool of diagnosis. A play therapist observes a client play with toys to determine the cause of disturbed behaviour. The objects and patterns of play, as well as the willingness to interact with the therapist, can be used to understand the underlying reasons for behaviour both inside and outside the session.


Coaching Psychology

For those who want to fast-track change, this orientation looks at your dreams and aspirations, at what makes you tick. Coaching will help you clarify your business or life goals and provide the tools for action and learning that lead to the results you want. Though action-focused, coaching goes deep and challenges robustly!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

is the most commonly used psychotherapy in the world. It aims to empower people to manage their own mental health by changing small things in their lives. Because success breeds success, CBT progress helps you grow your confidence and wellbeing. It is really important that the therapeutic relationship is warm and equality based. Client and therapist together search for understanding, try to get to the bottom of problems and jointly figure out creative ways of getting around them. Read more