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Parent coaching

“Problems are not the problem. Coping is the problem.” 

Virginia Satir

I offer support to parents of children and teenagers that is informed by my Parent Mentoring studies with Dr Tony Humphreys and developmental trauma training with Stephen Terrell. I understand the substantial challenges parents face at home and the great difference a little help and support can make.

I offer a Parent Coaching service where an individual or couple can deal with Parenting issues at a time and a date to suit them. Come with your questions and leave with an understanding of your child’s behaviour & better responses in any parenting challenge you face.

What does a Parent Coach do?

Parent Coaching supports and encourages parents with an understanding of what their child/teen may be feeling. Together with the parent we look at a different interaction which achieves a different result.

Feedback I’ve received is that suggestions are  practical, offering tips and skills that really make a difference in parenting. Getting to the feelings that underlie the challenging behaviour is critical and when we know how the child feels, we tend to respond in a way that works better. We find better ways of dealing with behaviour and this helps to create a calmer and happier home.